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  • 『VITIUM』【数量限定】初回盤


"VITIUM" 【Limited Quantity】 First Press Version




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1st mini album 『VITIUM』

1st album 『IMMORTALIS』の発表を経て、「sukekiyo」が新たに提示する通算2作目となる1stミニアルバム『VITIUM』が2015年2月4日に発表されることが決定致しました。

├ 3枚組(Blu-spec CD2+特典CD+特典Blu-ray) ※1 ※2
└ Special Booklet


sun-krad Co., Ltd.

※1 本編ディスク(DISC 1:Blu-spec CD2)は、レコード店舗にてお取り扱いの初回生産限定盤・通常盤と共通の収録内容になります。
※2 特典ディスク(DISC 2:CD)は、初回生産限定盤の収録内容に加え、通販盤のみの特典内容が収録される予定です。


1st mini album 『VITIUM』
2015/2/4 Release

After releasing their 1st album "IMMORTALIS", sukekiyo announced their second work & first mini album "VITIUM", to be on sale from 2015/2/4.
The title is in Latin language, and means "Fault, Defect, Error", and the song's lyrics are all about social issues such as "distorted actions" and "children abandonment", trying to express how feeble the line between "normality and abnormality" for humanity is.
The focus is once again the unconventional music, where the unique vocals by Kyo meets the charisma sounds of the guitar, the bass and the drums, painting each song in sukekiyo's colors. By listening to this CD, you can discover a new side of sukekiyo, made of catchy and pop-style songs as well as more nostalgic and kayokyoku-tasted ones.

├ 3disc (Blu-spec CD2+Bonus CD+Bonus Blu-ray) ※1 ※2
├ T-shirt (SIZE : FREE)
└ Special Booklet
More information here

<About the T-Shirt>
The T-Shirt (SIZE: FREE) has been designed under Kyo's direction.
Further details about size and design will be released on sukekiyo Official Site.

■Manufacture・Distribution:sun-krad Co., Ltd.

*1 The main disc (DISC 1:Blu-spec CD2) is the same of the First Press Limited Version and Regular Version that you can find in the CD shops.
*2 The bonus disc (DISC 2:CD) is an addition to the main contents, and it will be included only in the Online Exclusive Version.

※Please, be aware that there may be changes in contents and formats.
※This product comes from a limited number press. Sales will stop as soon as they become sold out.

※The color, design, material and style in the photo may not represent the actual item.
1st 迷你专辑『VITIUM』


├3张组(Blu-spec CD2+特典CD+特典Blu-ray) ※1 ※2
└Special Booklet


■编号:PZSK - 0007~9
■发售、销售原处:sun-krad Co., Ltd.

※1 正编软盘(DISC 1:Blu-spec CD2),与唱片商店销售的初次限定盘、通常盘的收录内容同一。
※2 特典盘(DISC 2:CD),预定收录初次生产限定盘的收录内容,加上只有网购盘才有的特典内容。