• GBS限定チェキ(新春!袴 2018 Ver.)

GBS限定チェキ(新春!袴 2018 Ver.)

GBS Only! Cheki Photo (New Year! Hakama 2018 Ver.)

GBS限定Cheki(新春!袴 2018 Ver.)



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販売価格 Price 售价
1,019 円 (税込)JPY (tax incl.)日元 (含税)
サイズ Size 尺寸 在庫 Stock 存货 ご注文 Order 订单
1 Cheki 1 Cheki 1 Cheki - 完売しました Sold Out 售罄

販売開始日時:2018/01/21 12:00:00 Launch date and time:21st January 2018 12:00:00 發射日期和時間:2018/01/21 12:00:00


※Will be selected randomly. You may not choose member.
※The product image is a sample cheki photo.

【"Draw again!" function added!!!】
The randomly selected cheki photo will now show up after the purchase procedure (and payment) are completed.
But this is not the only news! Depending on the number of the cheki photo purchased, you can draw again a photo!!
・For more than 5 cheki purchased: 1 new chance
・For more than 10 cheki purchased: 2 new chance



BugLug チェキ 購入者特典

BugLug のチェキを 20,000円以上ご購入の方に、先着でビニールポーチをプレゼント致します。

A Free Gift with your BugLug CHEKI Purchase

Purchase \20,000 or more on BugLug Cheki. and get a small makeup bag for free! (while supplies last)
※Gift will be sent with your cheki order.

BugLug cheki购买特典

购买BugLug的 cheki 2万日元以上的顾客,先到有限赠送化妆袋。