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  • ルームディフューザー「elisabeth addict」

ルームディフューザー「elisabeth addict」

Room Diffuser "elisabeth addict"

室内芳香剂「elisabeth addict」



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個展『我葬』の空間演出の1つとして誕生した《香り》「elisabeth addict」がルームディフューザーとして登場。


"elisabeth addict"; scent created from Kyo's Solo Exhibition “Gasou” is now available as a room diffuser.
Kyo directed this item, from the “eye of the heart” bottle to the color of “Shikkoku” that gradually dyes into the sticks.
This room diffuser comes in an original drawstring bag.

※Directions for Use:
◯Must only be used as a fragrance.
○Please avoid direct contact with skin, putting it in your mouth or in your eye. If this should occur, please seek immediate medical attention.
○The oils will cause a stain if spilled onto clothing or any other fabric. If this should occur, please wipe the oils immediately.
◯Always place the bottle on a flat surface and make sure it will not be knocked over.
○Avoid any accidents near the bottle or sticks to.
○If you touch the sticks during evaporation, the scent will transport to the area you have touched.
○Keep flammables away from the bottle.
○Do not mix.
○Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
○Keep away from children.
○There may be some color alterations or precipitation even in normal use.

※The color, design, material and style in the photo may not represent the actual item.
※This item cannot be shipped overseas because of restrictions on shipping of liquid materials.
个展『我葬』的空间演出之一而诞生的《香味》“elisabeth addict”室内芳香剂登场。