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  • 新人生<通販限定>【完全生産限定豪華盤】イベント参加券付き/当日引換


"Shin Jinsei" <Online Shop Only> 【Limited Deluxe Version】 with Event Ticket (to be exchanged at Event Venue)




商品コード :
Item no. :
产品代码 :
販売価格 Price 售价
5,500 円 (税込)JPY (tax incl.)日元 (含税)
在庫 Stock 存货 ご注文 Order 订单
1部イベント参加券付き Includes the ticket for the Event's 1st round 附有1部活动参加券 - 予約期間終了 Preorder period ended 预订期间结束
2部イベント参加券付き Includes the ticket for the Event's 2nd round 附有2部活动参加券 - 予約期間終了 Preorder period ended 预订期间结束
3部イベント参加券付き Includes the ticket for the Event's 3rd round 附有3部活动参加券 - 予約期間終了 Preorder period ended 预订期间结束

多数のご要望により、 当日チケット引換分を追加で販売いたします。


2017年6月19日(月) 18:00~2017年6月22日 23:59まで


2017年6月24日(土) 11時~
・顔写真付き身分証明証 (お持ちではない場合は、公的機関発行の保険証や住民票など身分証明書を2点)

イベント詳細につきましては こちら

発売元:Resistar Records
Aug. 9th, 2017 release

As we got a lot of requests, additional tickets (to be exchanged on the day of the event) are now on sale!

※The product is scheduled to be delivered within Aug. 9th.
※Customers who purchase several copies for each event round will receive also an ""Additional Photo Ticket"". (Customers who wants to attend both the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round of the event should notify it during the purchase procedure)

◆On Sale from June 19th (Mon.), 15:00 to June 22nd, 23:59
※Distribution of event tickets will stop as soon as the planned number is reached. 

 ◆Payment method: credit card, WebMoney, PayPal
※Please note that you may not choose C.O.D. payment.

◆Ticket conversion
June 24th (Sat.), 2017 from 11:00
Please make sure to bring with you the following documents:
・your order confirmation e-mail (Printed or in your mobile device. Forwarded or copied emails are not accepted.)
・ID card with photo (if you don't have one, you may bring two ID documents without photo such as resident card or insurance card)
※Please go to the ticket exchange desk one hour before the open hour for the event you are going to attend.

More information about the event HERE

Released by: Resistar Records



◆贩卖期间 2017年6月19日(一) 18:00~2017年6月22日 23:59まで


2017年6月24日(六) 11时~
・有相片的个人身份证明文件 (没有持有的情况、可以以公共机关所发行的保险证或住民票等的身分证明文件两份代替)

有关活动详细、请到 此处

发售:Resistar Records



BugLug 購入者特典

BugLugの商品(チェキ以外)を 20,000円以上ご購入の方に、先着でトートバッグをプレゼント致します。

A Free Gift with your BugLug merchandise Purchase

Purchase \20,000 or more on BugLug merchandise.and get a Tote Bag for free! (while supplies last)
※Gift will be sent with your merchandise order.

BugLug 购买特典

购买BugLug 的商品(cheki以外)2万日元以上的顾客,先到有限赠送手提包。