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CORE LIMITED LIVE DVD 『47 Prefectures TOUR System M-OLOGY ~AGITATE FINAL「Kindan」 2018.2.3 Nihon Seinenkan』


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2018.5.23 Release
『47 Prefectures TOUR System M-OLOGY  ~AGITATE FINAL「Kindan」 2018.2.3 Nihon Seinenkan』

Complete video recording of the final performance of the 47-prefecture tour (the second time in 16 years of the band's formation)『System M-OLOGY』- AGITATE FINAL「Kindan」held at Nihon Seinenkan on February 3rd.
The final performance at Nippon Seinenkan,  MERRY's first time performing at a hall venue mainly playing songs from their latest album 『M-OLOGY』, has been made into a fan club limited edition with live footage that captured the moment the sold-out venue reached its peak of excitement with MERRY's well-received music and amazing performance,

[DISC 1] Main part

SE 「M」World Order


02. 犬型真性MASOCHIST (Inugata shinsei MASOCHIST)

03. gaudy

04. 梟 (Fukuro)

05. Happy life –reprise-

06. 絶望 (Zetsubou)

07. [human farm]

08. 薔薇と片隅のブルース (Bara to katasumi no blues)

09. 平日の女 -A面- (Heijitsu no Onna -A Side-)

10. 傘と雨 (Kasa to Ame)


12. F.J.P

13. 千代田線デモクラシー (Chiyoda sen Democracy)

14. Black flag symptom

SE -choral-

15. finale

16. 不均衡キネマ (Fukinko Cinema)

17. Zombie Paradise ~地獄の舞踏曲~ (Zombie Paradise ~Jigoku no Buto Kyoku~)

18. 群青 (Gunjo)

19. Unreachable Voice

20. 自意識過剰型木偶人間 (Jiishiki Kajougata Deku Ningen)

21. Carnival

22. 消毒 (Shoudoku)

23. エムオロギー (M-OLOGY)

[DISC 2] Bonus footage
In addition to the <47 Prefectures TOUR System M-OLOGY> tour digest video, which is a condensed version of selected footage from each show, the disc also includes backstage off-shot footage of the members on the day of the final performance, and solo multi-angle footage.

01. 47 Prefectures TOUR System M-OLOGY  Tour Digest

02. Making of 47 Prefectures TOUR System M-OLOGY ~AGITATE FINAL「Kindan」

03. gaudy [Multi-Angle]

04. SIGHT GLASS [Multi-Angle]

2-disc set (2DVD) DRG-023~024
*Contents, titles and version are subject to change.
*This purchase is only available for MEMBERS’ CLUB CORE members.
Manufactured by sun-krad Co., Ltd. Distributed by sun-krad Co., Ltd.

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