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Complete Audio & Video Collection『Ius Cerebri / Sinistro Cerebrum』


sukekiyo's latest Complete Audio & Video Collection 『Ius Cerebri / Sinistro Cerebrum』 will be released on July 24th, 2024.

The artwork features an illustration by HIRO, an artist known for his illustration of girls with a mixed taste of Japanese traditional and digital art you may remember from the artwork for the Audio & Video Compilation 『AMOR』. The illustration of the cover, inspired by the title of this collection, is focused on the two contrastive girls.

This collection comes in two different editions, the Official Online Shop Only Edition and the Regular Edition, to be simultaneously released. The audio disc, same for both the editions, aims to make you enjoy the 10 years of sukekiyo with accurate selection of a total of 27 songs based on 2 themes: The disc 1 『Ius Cerebri』 includes 12 previously released songs, the new 「Valentina」 and a re-recording of 「zephyr」, for a total of 14 tracks; the disc 2 『Sinistro Cerebrum』 comes with 11 previously released songs, the new 「接触 -sesshoku-」 and a re-recording of 「嬲り -naburi-」, for a total of 13 tracks. The video disc included in the Official Online Shop Only Edition features the music video for 「Valentina」, taken for this collection, and the out-from-the-archives one for 「漂白フレーバー -hyouhaku flavour-」; a Extra Clip for 「嬲り -naburi-」; live clips for 8 songs from the <sukekiyo TOUR2023 「Nuimasu, Ruisen wo.」> Namba Hatch / Kanda Square Hall shows held in February 2023 and a "Documentary Footage" following the 10 years history of sukekiyo since it was formed.

The Official Online Shop Only Edition is available in a limited numbers press and comes in a smooth texture hardcover booklet package, a classic of sukekiyo's works. It comes with a NeSTREAM LIVE CARD, featuring the artwork HIRO created for this collection, that includes the Director's cut version of the <Pseudo-concert streaming "sukekiyo TOUR2023「Dakara Sono Uchi」-Haishin no Ma-">, streamed on sukekiyo's Official YouTube Channel on September 24th, 2023. A 「Backstage DVD」 will be included as Online Shop Only Deluxe Edition Bonus Gift.

Also, by purchasing the latest Complete Audio & Video Collection 『Ius Cerebri / Sinistro Cerebrum』 together with any other audio or video compilation by sukekiyo available on the Official Online Shop GALAXY BROAD SHOP, you will receive a "Special Sticker" as present.

Latest Complete Audio & Video Collection
『Ius Cerebri / Sinistro Cerebrum』

◉DISC 1 『Ius Cerebri』 (CD)
01. Scarlet
02. 白濁 -hakudaku-
03. 鵠 -kugui-
04. Candis
05. aftermath
06. ただ、まだ、私。 -tada, mada, watashi.-
07. dorothy
08. 艶 -en-
09. focus
10. 雨上がりの優詩 -ameagari no yuushi-
11. 黝いヒステリア -aoguroi hysteria-
12. MOAN
13. Valentina
14. zephyr

◉DISC 2 『Sinistro Cerebrum』 (CD)
01. 斑人間 -madara ningen-
02. 畏畏 -kashikomi kashikomi-
03. 擬似ネクロマンサー -giji necromancer-
04. 12時20分金輪際 -12 ji 20 pun konrinzai-
05. 耳ゾゾ -mimi zozo-
06. 漂白フレーバー -hyouhaku flavour-
07. 猥雑 -waizatsu-
08. 訪問者X -houmonsha X-
09. アナタヨリウエ -anata yori ue-
10. Creeper
11. 接触 -sesshoku-
12. 嬲り -naburi-
13. in all weathers

◉DISC 3 [Blu-ray]
◆Music Video
漂白フレーバー -hyouhaku flavour-
嬲り -naburi- (Extra Clip)

◆Live Footage
sukekiyo TOUR2023 「Nuimasu, Ruisen wo.」
2023.2.16 Namba Hatch
2023.2.23 Kanda Square Hall
01. 艶 -en-
02. kisses
03. 黝いヒステリア -aoguroi hysteria-
04. 触れさせる -furesaseru-
05. session
06. 死霊のアリアナ -shiryou no ariana-
07. 本能お断り -honnou okotowari-
08. 猥雑 -waizatsu-

◆Documentary Footage


TYPE : Official Online Shop Only Edition 【Limited Press】
PRICE : ¥13,200 (tax in)
DISC : 3 discs

◉<Official Online Shop Only Edition ExclusiveNeSTREAM LIVE CARD
SIZE : 85.6×54mm
CONTENTS : <Pseudo-concert streaming "sukekiyo TOUR2023「Dakara Sono Uchi」-Haishin no Ma-"> Director's cut ver. (STEREO)

◉<Deluxe Edition Bonus Gift> Backstage DVD
◉<Bonus Gift on Past Compilations Simultaneous Purchases> Special Sticker
※The bonus gifts are only available while stocks last.


Manufactured by FW
Distributed by FW

Expected shipping: starting from July 23rd (Tue.), 2024, by order date.

* Please note that, when purchasing other items within the same order, they will all be shipped together on the above-specified shipping period following the order date.
*Contents and version are subject to change without notice.
*Please note that this product is available in limited numbers and the sales will stop as the number of orders reaches the maximum number of copies.

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